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The exterior of a Toyota Hiace is dependant on the model variant that you choose. The choices can vary from High Top with or without seats to a Flat Top with a narrow rear tray perfect for Cargo, or Mid-top with a wider rear tray.

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Like the exterior of the interior cabin of a Toyota Hiace is dependant on the model of Toyota Hiace you choose.

VOLUMINOUS CARGO SPACE CLASS-LEADING CARGO SPACE Voluminous cargo space of the high roof (9.8m³) and standard roof (6.0m³) can accommodate boxes of different sizes.

AUTO SLIDING DOOR EASY ENTRY AND EXIT Smooth and easy operation, this feature provides added convenience for easy in and out of the cabin. (Not Found on All Models.)

4TH ROW FOLD-UP SEATS EXTRA LUGGAGE SPACE Foldable seats in the last row let you create more cargo space for big loads when required. (For high roof only.)


A tilt steering wheel enhances comfort and control and can be adjusted to suit the driver’s height and physique.

ALL-AROUND COMFORT Roof-level air-conditioning vents with adjustable louvres in the rear cabin ensure rear passenger comfort. (For high roof only.)

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The imaginative mind of any business person can understand and appreciate the importance and versatility of the Toyota Hiace. Whether you use the vehicle to transport passengers in a maxi taxi, as a family-oriented vehicle, to transport goods such as water, air conditionings, packages etc. or if you make this vehicle a restaurant or clothing store on wheels. The possibilities of a Toyota Hiace are only limited by what you can imagine. 

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