Steps to Owning a Vehicle

Step One :
Select Vehicle

The first step to owning one of our quality vehicles would be to select the one that caters most to your needs. This can be achieved by browsing our car lot or website.

*Be sure to choose a vehicle that improves or compliments the areas of your life that are most important.

Step Two:

Financing has become so much easier with our partners, who work swiftly to get those keys into your hands with little to no hassle.

*See our financing page for the contact information to some of our partners. Or talk to one of our sales representatives who can connect you with someone amazing.

Step Three:

The third step after approval from your financial benefactor, would be to seek insurance for your vehicle. 

Step Four:
Registration Process

The registration process at Pioneer Motors is easy as getting your cover letter to us. As we handle all of the steps made to put your vehicle on the road.

* Registration fees are paid by Pioneer Motors for all privately registered vehicles.

Step Five:

Collection of vehicles happen within three business days of a pioneer representative receiving your cover letter.

The collection time for your vehicle is then arranged via a telephone call, relaying date and time of collection.

*Conditions apply

Step Six:
Enjoy Your Ride!

Safe Travels, and Thank you for choosing us!